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The family farm Leber Vračko has four generations that complement each other in work, ideas, motivation, innovation and tradition. Barbara and Jernej wirho our  youngest family member Luka take care of the welfare of our cows and milk production. Katja and her husband Gregor among the vineyards overlooking the family farm at Opok27 take care of the health of the vines and the stunning nature of the noble drop combined with excellent cuisine. Alenka and Ivan are an indispensable support in all activities, and in addition to helping on both farms of their daughters, lately they have been focusing mainly on the production of natural straws. Grandparents Fanika and Franček regularly check the quality of our work and use praise and constructive criticism to constantly upgrade our work.


We are the sixth generation under the name Leber to be farming this estate at Jedlovnik in the heart of Slovenske gorice, not far from Slovenian-Austrian border.

In year 1795 the estate was with testament transferred to our ancestors, who have in the centuries that followed, always exclusively lived from agriculture.