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Family is a link to our past and a bridge to our future!


At Leber Vračko family estate, we are four generations living together and complement eachother at work, ideas, motivation and tradition. In year 1795, the estate was transferred with a testament to our ancestors, who have in the centuries that followed, always exclusively lived from agriculture.


A place where the love of wine and cuisine comes together. Different ideas that relate perfectly to each other and as result a common and enjoyable whole, that is Opok27! This eponymous soil, which is unique in the world, makes the region a small, unmistakable island that can be tasted in the glass and on the plate.


Organic straws are made from the stalks of the triticale grain, a cross between wheat and rye. All are handcrafted, waterproof and won’t break down or break down in liquids. After use, the straws can simply be disposed of in biological waste or compost. Since the straws are natural and handmade, the length and width of the straws may vary.

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