Our story about wine begins way back in 1795, and still nowadays we maintain the basic principles of wine production from the old days.
Our vineyards cover five hectares and are mostly planted with typical Styrian white wine varieties. Location of the vineyards provide optimum exposure to the sun while our hands take care of the health and beauty of the vines. All the grapes are hand picked  and with careful selection at the harvest we guarantee the best quality of the grapes for our wines. This uncompromised approach requires perfectly riped and healthy grapes, only this way individual varieties can show their potential and their particularities. In the winecellar, therefore, it is only to preserve what was hidden in the grapes. The fresh wines are matured in steel tanks, wines of special locations and special vintages mature in oak barrels or amphoras.
Not what is currently modern, but only the wines, we like to drink ourselves, find their way to the bottle. The bottles of our wines with its sophisticated design also reflect our interest in aesthetics .
Our wine values: no insecticides, no herbicides, no glyphosates, regional quality, minimal intervention!


Naturally sparkling wine of the Grüner Sylvaner grape variety. The microscopic bubbles make the primary fruity aromas swirl through the nose. First fresh fruit flavors such as apple or quince, then fine bread tones and a floating veil made of tea-like herbal extracts. A foamy sensoric experience develops in mouth, which is great fun and has despite all youthfulness a remarkable length.


Rose Sparkling from Pinot noir
Seductive Rose Frizzante, on the palate pleasant sparkle like a mousse, fine and creamy, harmonious, round with crisp acidity, again wonderful fresh fruit play of Berrykonfit, cherry and some lychee. A fresh-fruity sparkling, perfect for sunny days and ideal as an aperitif.


sparkling wine, methode traditionelle, extra dry
The fully ripe Muskat flavour loses almost ethereal in extremely fine bubbles. A dark shimmering minerality underlaid with a touch of white bread, bring the opulent aromas in a strong body. In the finale all the flavors will suit your mood.


If there would be grape-honey, you would find it in this wine! Underneath there is a foundation of mint, pomelo and oriental spices. The subtle, yet stimulating acidity, immediately leaves room for crackling minerals before there is a regular "flavour flashback" of full-bodied, golden, yellow and plump grapes with a dust of Muscat, and the wine melts in a splendid fullness.


Steel freshness of the wine is decorated with clearly structured fruit of red elder, grapefruit, apple and a touch of moist woodland. The clearly structured acidity leaves place for smoky minerals and binds the palate together with the tingling fruit into an extreme refreshing final.

Sauvigon blanc

A herbal seasoning rubs and hugs juicy and ripe fruit. On the palate, the fruit notes get the seductive upper hand, although the finely dosed acidity gives the herbs strength and structure. The finale is fruity, juicy, long and almost creamy.


Floral-fragrant and fruity; wild strawberries, some apricot fruit and even an idea of caramel. On the palate, fresh citrus flavors and a well-dosed acidity meet this multi-faceted mix of flavors and develops together a vibrant finale.


House wine at Marco Bistro in Kungota. On a green, floral base, a carpet of fruit with apricot and banana is embedded in the nose. On the palate, it becomes a wonderful and teasing cooperation. Still spurred on by the fresh acidity, the wine is lost in a fun and stimulating finale.


Enchanting, but never overpowering vanilla and oven-fresh bread aromas lay down a carpet for white chocolate, dried herbs and caramel. The strong acidity keeps this game skillfully combined and bounds everything into an exciting, soothing final. Take time to enjoy!


A freshness, that begins moderately grassy with grapefruit, peppers and yellow gooseberries, is getting stronger by the prickly acidity. Juicy blood orange, nettle leaves and pineapple take over the command and lead it into a splendid finale.


Aromatized, fortified wine, flavoured with various botanicals. Base wine for this amazingdrink is a grassy Sauvignon Blanc, upgraded with local wine brandy and botanicals. To be enjoyed pure on ic or as a mix drink fith some fine Yuzu tonic.

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