Natural straw

The natural straw is made of rye.
The product is an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional plastic straws.

The Natural Straw is made of rye of local origin, grown on a home field in the municipality of Kungota. Rye is used because of the strong and thick straw. The straws are hand made without use of any chemicals. The straws are wrapped into unbleached paper – a nature friendly material.

Drinking from these straws is a very special experience. They attract attention and quickly become a topic of conversation when hanging out with friends, at family gatherings, and at events.

Natural straws as well as paper packaging are biodegradable.

The straws are completely safe to use and suitable for contact with food (Declaration of Conformity 19/135093 obtained from National Laboratory of Health, Environment and Food, Maribor).


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naravna slamica
natural straw
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Projek naravna slamica je bil sofinanciran iz sredstev Evropskega sklada za regionalni razvoj (UIA)